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Why we only perform “Gastric Band” weight loss surgery


Bariatric (weight loss) surgery has traditionally fallen into two broad categories: “restrictive” procedures that limit the quantity of food that can be consumed and digested, and “mal-absorption” procedures that limit the ability of the body to digest food that after it is eaten.  Some procedures have combined these elements to various degrees.


All traditional bariatric surgeries shared several common drawbacks as well–significant cutting, suturing, and rerouting and reconnecting of parts of the digestive system. With this comes risk of serious complication, including what we feel is an unacceptably high risk of death.


The Lap-Band changed the world of bariatric surgery.  It involves no removal of organs, no rerouting of the digestive system, no large incisions, is performed on an outpatient basis, and is totally reversible if the need ever arises.  The risk of death from Lap-Band surgery is dramatically less that gastric bypass, and the long-term weight loss achieved is very similar to the traditional procedures.  The excellent safety profile and results offer by the Lap-band system are the reasons we have chosen to offer only gastric banding to our patients.


While we only offer Lap-Band surgery, we feel it is important for our patients to understand all of the surgical options.  This page offers information to help you compare procedures, and reach an informed decision regarding your care.


Gastric Bypass Surgery


This brief educational video describes the common technique used to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.  as you will see, this procedure involved significant cutting and stapling of the stomach, and rerouting of the bowels as well. Albany Surgical physicians do not perform this procedure due to the excessive risk of complications and death.






















Stomach Stapling (Vertical Banded Gastroplasty)


This brief video animation demonstrates how how vertical banded gastroplasty, commonly referred to as “stomach stapling” is performed.  Note that it requires a division of the stomach and the implant of a permanent band as well.  This procedure is not the same as Lap-Band surgery, and must not be confused with it.






















The Lap-Band procedure: the safest surgical weight loss option


This video demonstrates the Lap-Band procedure which is offered by Albany Surgical. A minimally invasive procedure, it normally does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.